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Wenzel's currently have over 80 shops and have immediate capacity at their freehold bakery for significant ongoing expansion in carefully selected locations.


We are seeking to expand from Wenzel's North West London core towards South London and outwards along motorway corridors from M23 to M11.

Please refer to the map of existing stores at


Being family run, Wenzels offer quick decision times and a strong covenant direct from Wenzel's the Bakers Ltd with no franchises.

Wenzels require locations with good footfall, however customers visit 3 or 4 days a week so generate significant additional footfall to the area.

Prominent sites in shopping centres and by transport hubs. 

Parades with Service Road parking are also considered.

Class A1 / E Use

800 - 1200 sqft (1,800 sqft with seating)

Ideal width 5-7m

4.6 m Absolute minimum width at counter line

Wenzel's invest in a full shop front refit to their brand image, installed by Nottingham based nationwide shop fitters. 

Please contact us with available properties and to discuss opportunities for new openings.

Steffen Frost

07907 772588

Tim Frost

07711 698418

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Wenzels is a family bakery founded in 1975 led by Peter Wenzel and his daughter Sarah who have many years experience of blending the finest flours to bake the tastiest bread.


Any visit to a Wenzels shop immediately shows they stand out from the competition; their reputation and remarkable following is built on their notable quality of product and service.


All the Wenzels family of shops are supplied daily from their bakery inside the M25 at Rickmansworth, and this freshness of product is a key to their appeal among customers.

Their bread is baked early the same morning and all sandwiches and baguettes are prepared fresh in store throughout the day with no sell by dates.

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